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Free Consultation 

The initial consultation is free and serves to get to know one another to make sure we’re a good match. I encourage both parents to participate if possible, since doula support is a family affair.

Phone & Email Support 

If I am your birth doula, you may contact me with questions or concerns regarding your current pregnancy or birth at no extra charge.

Prenatal Visits/ Childbirth Education

Prenatal doula care during pregnancy is a valuable addition to other prenatal care by healthcare providers such as a midwife or OB-GYN. New parents often get lost in a flood of advice on the internet, where it is difficult to distinguish between accurate and valuable facts versus personal and biased opinion. During my prenatal visits I may customize childbirth education to your needs. My goal is to help with informed decision-making by providing insight about what happens to mom and baby during pregnancy and birth. I will be there to listen to fears and doubts that might occur and will be able to provide relaxation techniques that incorporate breathing techniques, massages, meditation, and physical exercises to release tension and prepare for labor. I will show ways how your partner can help and support you during labor and birth so that he/ she can take an active role in this important moment in your lives. 

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

As a doula my role is different from a midwife in the aspect that I will not perform any clinical tasks. 


As your birth doula, I will be on call for you starting two weeks before your estimated due date. I will support you during labor, providing comfort measures such as massages or stabilization, and help with breathing and deep relaxation techniques. After your baby is born, I will stay for another hour or so to help with bonding and first breastfeeding if desired and circumstances allow. 

Even in the case of a scheduled c-section the calming presence of a doula during preparation for surgery on the big day can positively influence the experience. As there is only one support person allowed in the OR, I would only be able to accompany mom during the surgery, if the partner chooses not to go in or is not available, and if in accordance with your hospital's policies.

Please check with your OB-GYN and your hospital if they allow doulas in the delivery room, as that is not always the case.

Postpartum Visits

Postpartum doula care is what I am most passionate about. Here is why: There is usually a lot of preparation going on before baby is born. There are doctors' visits, diagnostics, childbirth classes, baby shopping, internet research and so on, all stirring toward the big climax- the day of birth.

After that, there is often a lack of support, as there is no true and regular postpartum care in place through the health care system, which has led to poor maternal postpartum health in the US in comparison to other developed countries. New moms go home with their babies to a completely new situation, even if it is not their first child. Family dynamics change, more decisions need to be made, baby needs to be fed, changed, and soothed. Baby and mom undergo a lot of rapid physical changes. Sleep can become a precious good. Oftentimes there is no extended family nearby. In several European countries, midwives will do home visits during the first eight weeks after birth to check on mom and baby and offer support during this time of transition. As a postpartum doula, I would like to do my part in filling that void in postpartum care, as I have seen during my work in Germany how valuable it is for new mothers and families. I will help taking care of baby, which might include:

  • Showing new parents Kinesthetic Infant Handling Techniques when changing and bathing a newborn

  • Assisting with feeding, being it breast or bottle

  • Advising on safe sleep environment for your baby

  • Showing soothing techniques such as carrying, swaddling, bathing or massaging

I will be there for the parents when it comes to:

  • Listening when you want to talk about your birth experience

  • Recreating a bonding experience if you did not get to have it in the delivery room

  • Postpartum recovery exercises to address diastasis recti and pelvic floor, while being mindful of your physical situation due to your personal birthing experience

  • Offering support when dealing with new family dynamics between partners as well as siblings

I will provide wellness measures to mom such as

  • Relaxation techniques that may involve breathing techniques, guided meditation and massages with delicious essential oils.

  • Staying with baby to give mom time to shower, nap, eat, or have some one-one-one time with older siblings.

Make decisions for you 

While I hope to be a tool in finding your own decisions, I will never make decisions for you.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Providing unbiased information and support is one of my core functions. We all have our own believes, priorities and needs. You will know best, which is the right path for you and your family. 

Speak to medical staff on your behalf
While I might assist in communication, I will not speak directly to medical staff on your behalf or interfere in communication between you and your medical team. I will not discuss or question any medical decision of the doctor you chose to accompany you and your baby. It is my goal to support, not to interfere.
"I had a difficult postpartum period and Katrin was able to calm us down and give us a loving "rebirth" experience. She was there guiding me, empowering me, listening and reassuring me, but most importantly, respecting me in my decisions.
I love her and am very grateful to have had her by our side in one of the most important moments of our lives."  Luana T.
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