Prenatal Yoga

Building strength, confidence and community, all while taking a deep breath.

Prenatal yoga is a great way to strengthen and lengthen your body in the company of other moms-to-be. It helps with a variety of pregnancy discomforts and prepares you for birth, both physically and mentally. Moving, breathing, focusing inward, relaxing and connecting with your inner voice as well as your baby will benefit you today and on birthing day, no matter what type of birth setting you are planning for.

If you are healthy in your pregnancy and in your second or third trimester, this class is for you! No previous yoga experience is necessary, as the practice is modified to be safe during pregnancy for all levels. It takes into careful consideration the physical changes the pregnant body goes through, and poses and movements are modified accordingly.

I am a certified prenatal yoga instructor by Ten Moons Yoga, a Yoga Alliance registered certification program. 

Private Yoga Classes

Personalized practice

Sometimes scheduling conflicts or personal circumstances that need special attention can make it difficult to attend a group yoga class. In that case private yoga classes can be a wonderful fit. In a one-on-one class I will tailor the practice to your very own needs, and we will schedule a time at your convenience. Whether it be a prenatal, postnatal or self-care practice, we can make it happen either via Zoom or in person.

If you book a Zoom private, it will include access to a recording of the class, so that you can go back to your practice until we meet again. 

For in person classes I will adhere to appropriate distancing and the wearing of a face mask. 

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Postpartum Yoga with Baby

Moving and breathing to recover and regain strength

Physical changes during pregnancy are enormous, physical changes after birth maybe even more so. We will give special attention to the core and diastasis recti as well as the pelvic floor. By using your breath along with specific postures and movements you will safely regain your strength, all the while connecting with your baby as well as other moms.

Postpartum yoga will also impact your mental well-being. Taking time for self-care while taking a deep breath, finding a welcoming support system, and having a meaningful exchange of thoughts, problems and solutions will bring you joy and strength for motherhood.

  • Where: All Group yoga classes are currently taught through Zoom. Class fee is $20.

  • Privates/ semi privates can be conducted through Zoom or in person. Contact me directly for bookings. Class fee is $90.

  • When: Prenatal Yoga 

                Wednesdays, 6:30pm 

                    Sundays, 9:30 am


                   Postpartum Yoga

                   Tuesdays, t.b.a.


                  Yoga Privates

                will be scheduled at your                            convenience

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Yoga for everyone

Take some time for yourself

We all need some time for self-care, away from parent duties, to-do lists, job requirements, and our phones. Book a private class just for yourself or a small group of friends and family to disconnect from all the things life asks of you on a daily basis. Close your eyes for a moment, find your breath, and get ready to enjoy the gentle flow of a Vinyasa sequence. 

I am a 200-hour certified and Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher (RYT 200).