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Prenatal Package $500

Without doubt a well prepared partner or support person is an incredible asset in the delivery room. As I only attend a limited number of births, the intent of the Prenatal Package is to provide you and your partner with the best possible preparation for the big day. What happens during labor, what are comfort measures he/she can provide you with, and how to best advocate your wants and needs in a hospital setting are important elements of preparation. Your partner/ support person most likely will know you better than anybody else in the delivery room, and the goal is that he/ she will be well in tune with you as the main player on birthing day.

The Prenatal Package consists of four visits of up to 90 minutes each, scheduled at your convenience. Visits can be conducted virtually or in person and can also be prenatal yoga sessions.

Consider asking for doula care as a baby shower gift instead of more "things". A lot of parents find in retrospect, that they got way more baby items than they actually needed or were even able to use during that short period of baby time. Never have I heard parents say that they had more care and support than they needed. 

Postpartum Package $500
I strongly encourage you to give the postpartum time the same attention that you give the preparation before birth. Remember how you wanted a support person with you in the delivery room? Reliable care after you bring your baby home is just as important for your and your baby's well-being. 
The Postpartum Package consist of four home visits of about 90 minutes each, scheduled at your convenience. It is also possible to link two visits to one extended appointment if you should like that. 


HypnoBirthing childbirth education is a specific and special approach to childbirth education based on self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques to make your labor and birth a calm, joyful and positive experience. 

The HypnoBirthing group class series consists of five sessions of 2.5 hours each and is conducted virtually. 

Please contact me directly for availability and pricing.

Single Visits
This option gives you the greatest flexibility as you can book your home visits as you feel you need them. The charge for a single home visit is $150.

Cancelation Policy

In order to maintain my services reliable I have the following cancelation policy:

  • Up to 48hrs before appointment time: no cancelation fee

  • 48 to 24hrs before appointment time: 50% cancelation fee.

  • Less than 24hrs before appointment time: 100% cancelation fee.

  • Baby arrived unexpectedly? No problem, no cancelation fee, just congratulations!

As the number of births I attend is limited, please
contact me directly about availability and pricing.
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